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Magic: The Gathering is what is known as a collectible card game. (CCG)

This game was created by Wizards of the Coast® back in 1993. The first set of cards to come out is now known as Alpha, the second was Beta. The first actual expansion was called Arabian Knights. Since then, there have been 24 expansions. The current expansion is known as Torment. This set explains the story of a Dimentia Caster named Chainer. Prices of cards vary by set, rarity, playability, and use. In general, cards from older sets are worth more than those from newer sets, and cards from some sets have white borders which makes them worth less than those with black borders. There are three rarities of Magic cards: common, uncommon, and rare. Rares are usually worth more than uncommons and commons. The playability of cards is the greatest factor in determining the price of a card. For example, a card that lets you win the game is worth more than one that will help an opponent. Finally, if a card is in bad condition, it will be worth less than one in mint condition. In the Magic card game, there are five different colors of cards: white, blue, black, red, and green. Each of these colors represents different types of magic.

White -- Life and purity. The spells of white are life gaining spells and other protection. The creatures are mostly humans, angels, and other fliers.

Blue -- Water and sorcery. The spells of blue are theft, counter, and other controll cards. The creatures are normally undersea, flying, or phantasmal.

Black -- Death and rot. The spells of black are discard and destruction spells. The creatures are generally rats, zombies, and other creatures of the night.

Red -- Chaos and destruction. The spells of red are burn and destroy land. The creatures are mainly dragons, hydras, and other kinds of lizards.

Green -- Nature and strength. The speels of green are growth and flourishing. The creatures are animals of the forest or elves.

As promised, here are the spoiler lists: